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Energetic and dynamic, Brian can simply do anything he puts his mind to and literally never stops moving. He’s a man that has reached successful points in everything he’s put his hands to and is the engine that keeps us moving onward and upward.

His passion for beer can be seen through his cellar, filled with goodies as far as the eye can see. Put simply, Brian invites you into his life and treats you like family. His caution and calculation in his decision making has helped BC's reach a high level of visibility in the Greater Cincinnati Area.

It is the balance between Brian and Caleb that has set the groundwork for BC’s to become one of Cincy’s top taprooms & bottle shops.


Calm and Collected. Caleb's energy brings great balance to any team and gives the taproom room an
overall relaxed vibe.


Known as "The Beard;" most everything about him screams Craft Beer. Caleb started home brewing with his dad early on in his craft beer journey, and it has made all the difference in how he enjoys and critiques beer.


It was his tiring of working a ”normal job” that motivated him to consult at
CraftPoint. The rest is history. His goofy and caring demeanor coupled with his attention to detail are what make him the C in BC's.


Attentive and Intentional. After working a career in the financial sector and growing tired of it, Ryan
started to home brew with a lifelong friend.

Seeming to like it enough to leave his job, Ryan took his home brewing chops to the second largest craft brewery in Cincinnati and made a name for himself. Responsible for the majority of taproom only beers and many of the beers in distribution, Ryan is taking his skills and experience in his own direction. Ryan's Zen like demeanor and attention to the little things
makes you want to drink your beer differently.

We wouldn't be surprised if Ryan wrote haikus about beers that move his spirit. He is truly an artisan looking to create beer that is both tasty and beautifully reflective.


Witty and “Cooler than Cool”. Ben has more experience than all of us when it comes to working in craft
beer. Ben spent several years managing Luckie’s Pony Keg in Deer Park, setting them apart from other
Pony Kegs. It was with this experience that took him over to Platform Beer Co where he worked closely with BC's and other craft shops to help bring awareness to the brand and form authentic relationships with buyers. In fact, his knack for relationship building made him a must have for the BC’s team.

Ben's wit and laid-back energy fit like a glove at BC's Liberty. It is because of this that we decided to take his
journey toward helping build culture at our existing taprooms. Did we also mention, he’s incredibly good looking?


Our Team

About Us

We're a craft brewery with strong roots in the Cincinnati community, minutes off the bike trail, with a history and knowledge of beautiful ales and lagers and we can't wait to see you in our Brewery or Taproom.

How We Got Here

In September of 2015 a couple of dudes, Brian & Caleb, that shared a love of craft beer had a desire to bring as much craft beer as possible to the northern suburbs. BC’s Bottle Lodge was born, and our first Bottle Shop/Taproom was open in March of 2016 in Liberty Township. 

Over the last 8 years we have cultivated a community of craft drinkers and curated some of the finest tap lists Cincinnati has ever seen. In 2022, after surviving Covid and closing our Montgomery location, we made the decision to pivot our business to a production model.

With the help of one of our first customers, Ryan who was a brewer at one of Cincinnati’s biggest breweries, BC’s Brewing Company was established, and we began working on our production facility in Mason Ohio. While the process to renovate a 75-year-old building had its set of challenges, we rose to the occasion converting an old service station from the 1950s and transforming it into our flagship taproom and brewery.

Creating a community around craft beer has been a BC’s mainstay since our inception and today we build that community around some of the finest liquid Cincinnati has to offer.

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